Crystal Infused Bathsalts

Crystal Infused Bathsalts


Divine and relaxing crystal infused bath salts, made with love by me.

Contains - Epsom salts, hand picked flowers from my mum’s garden, carrier oil, essential oils (lavender and wild orange), and a special crystal just for YOU!

Comes in glass jar with steel lid. Put the glass jar to use afterwards.

Relax, unwind, enjoy.

*Can custom make to suit needs/ preference of oils.

Crystal options I currently use

  1. Rose Quartz - The stone of aroha (love). This stone amplifies the feelings of self worth and to feel worthy of love. It assists in releasing feelings of peace that open up the heart. It is a useful stone for healing and calming ones self from painful love experineces.

  2. Purple Agate - The stone of protection. This stone helps to attract strength during dark and low times and can also help to protect yourself with stress and during stressful times/ nightmares. Sleep with it near you to help with night terroes or carry it in times of need/ change or when big decisions are needing to be made.

  3. Citrine - The crystal of positive vibes. Citrine is known as stone of the mind and to foster goodvibes of love and joy. It can offer clarity, a clear mind and enhance concentration. Citrine brings connnections to self esteem and can teach you to attract wealth and success.

  4. Amethyst - The crystal of stability and protection. It brings strength, invigoration and peace. It can create harmony within by focusing your energies and encoraging positive dreams.

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