Crystal Infused Soap

Crystal Infused Soap


Crystal infused soaps made in Te Puke.

This is just the first batch release of the crystal soaps while the other cure. This flavour is lime and coconut and has a reasonable crystal of your choice in the soap.

Crystal options I currently use in the soaps are -

  1. Rose Quartz - The stone of aroha (love). This stone amplifies the feelings of self worth and to feel worthy of love. It assists in releasing feelings of peace that open up the heart. It is a useful stone for healing and calming ones self from painful love experineces.

  2. Blue sandstone - This stone is known as an uplifting stone. It helps to ease anxiety and promotes vitality. It can bring confidence and help to feel grounded and calm during anxious times. It is also another stone that can help eith nightmares and terrors.

  3. Amethyst - The crystal of stability and protection. It brings strength, invigoration and peace. It can create harmony within by focusing your energies and encoraging positive dreams.

Please note - every soap and candle is different. The designs will always change, the crystals/ flower shapes and layouts will always be different.

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